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Highlights : Hilledu.com ( Chakma educational resources ), 04/04/2015 is Kumar Samit Roy's 7th death anniversary-click here to explore him more

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Gazho faghondi
Hazi hazi din berang
Moantola adamor
Kochpana kare koi
Ma kochpana
Adikka redomai
Train o train
Hazar bozor dhori
Kellya adikka ( remix )
Moan Mura Chora
Adikka redomai (remix)
Dogino boir
Monogorot chora
Monan agho saan
Monogorot chora pahrot
Kellya adikka *new*
Enjan dohl *new*
Oi degochni chengi *new*
Bennya hol e *new*
Gazho faghondi ( remix) *new*

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Nitish Dewan -"Morhe Bhabi"
A tribute to the ex Gengkhuli
singer & songwriter

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Kumar Samit Roy, the Second son of Chakma Raja Nalinaksha Roy was born in Calcutta on the 22nd of August in 1943 before the partition(India & Pakistan division), during the second world war.

He went to Victoria, a boarding school in Curseong in West Bengal in India where he finished his Senior Cambridge. He completed his BA and MA in History at Chittagong university.

He got married in 1965. In 1970, he passed the prestigious CSP exam(civil service of Pakistan) but decided not to accept a very good post in West Pakistan because he preferred to stay on in Rangamati, the capital of Chittagong Hill tracts  and serve his people. He was a very popular lecturer at Rangamati Govt College from1972-2004 for his magnetic personality and for his informal style of teaching.

Since his childhood he had a passion for singing.  Though he had no formal training in singing, he had  a wonderful voice. He composed over twenty  Chakma songs for Genghuli (the first Chakma band of Chittagong Hill Tracts)which were mainly written in late 70’s and early 80’s.  He was probably the father of the Chakma modern songs as before him Chakma music was mainly consist of folk songs or Ubo geet and no one has contributed as much as him to the modern Chakma pop music.

Besides music he had a love for sports. He was an all round sports man. He played cricket, hockey, football, badminton and table-tennis but his main passion was football and cricket. During his university days he was the captain of the prestigious star cricket club of Chittagong for a few years .He was the founder of shahid sukkur football club and star cricket club of Rajbari.

Whenever he saw talent he helped & encouraged players to fulfill their dreams. He also coached many young players in various fields of sports including atheletics . He represented Bangladesh in montreal Olympic in 1976.

He passed away in 4th April, 2008.


































Gengkhuli live 2013

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