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Adikka redomai (remix)
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Gazho faghondi ( remix) *new*

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Adikka Redomai (remix)
Lyrics & tune : Kumar Samit Roy
Singer : Netri Roy


This song 'Adikya Redomai', tells the tale of a young rural wife who suddenly wakes up in the dead of night and feels the absence of her husband. She longs for his presence and describes how she misses him when the full moon is disappearing on the horizon. She mentions that her growing daughter has just learnt how to bake fida (a typical cake made out of mashed rice grains, fruits, coconut & molasses) among other skills but enquires constantly when her dad will return home.The rice grains are ripe and falling down, who'll chase away the birds who'll lay the trap for the wild fowl, who'll fix the roof'.
Recorded in the mid-1980s, 'Adikya Redomai' describes a period when many young men left their homes to join the struggle to bring forth a better life. Their wives and parents were left to raise the family on their own ( translated by Kumar Sivasish Roy ).

Lyrics :
Adikka redomai ghum bangi ziyegoy
Changhe rini mo kai tui ar nei da
Tui hudu ghele junan dubhelloy junan debhelloy

Ta nudi bi dhangor oiy e pidha dubi zan e
Banha hoidhe mor e baba hudu ziy e

Dhan paghi jhori jhar pekkun honna dabhebo
Zangi honna padibo chalan honna siyebo
































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